Tuesday, 10 May 2011

First ride...last ride

Yesterday was my first outdoor ride of the year - twice. It was a wonderful commute to downtown Ottawa with clear skies, a light cool breeze, and very patient and accommodating drivers on the road. I road my Ridley Crossbow with pride, taking my time and enjoying the morning. Everything felt smooth and solid on the bike - that bike has been such an amazing workhorse for me. I bought it second-hand off eBay about 6 or 7 years ago (maybe even more) and I've had nothing but huge success with it.

What's even older is my helmet: a Louis Garneau "Oz-zy" model that I love for the fit, the venting, and the super fun bat-shaped cutout on the back to "honor" another Ozzy. I still remember laughing when I discovered that little gem! Thankfully I never needed to use it, but it was always there with me on commutes, rides and races. Unfortunately, though, it is starting to show its age now, with some of the padding coming off and other parts starting to separate. It's time to retire this helmet - yesterday was it's final ride.

Which left me with one nagging question - how often should this type of equipment be replaced? I did find one reference from an actual helmet manufacturer that says every 8 years or so, as long as you haven't crashed in it or dropped it hard. Lots of other places say to replace it when it (a) is so stinky it rides without you, and (b) when the fashion police continually chase you on your rides.

Ok, I've got another nagging question - what will my new helmet be? Aw shucks, I just have to go to my favorite store...again...oh darn. ;)

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JohnP said...

Helmet is fine for many many many years until it begins to stink. Replace it if you have so much as slightly bumped it - they could be damaged inside and u cannot see it. Dont risk it.

Having said that - there is a fashion element to this. I luv the retro look but there's gonna be haters lol