Monday, 2 May 2011

The bar has been set higher

Yesterday I headed for my longest run of the training plan...and my longest run I've ever done EVER - 3hrs and 28km on trails. I've never run 3hrs, and I've never run 28km. And I sure as hell haven't done either of them on trails.

I ran on the West Carleton Trail, an old rail bed that is a recreational trail. It is a great little trail that goes quite a ways out, probably about 30km. I certainly didn't cover all that, but went a bit less than half way. The whole thing goes through farmers fields, marshland, wetlands, and it was rather busy too. Lots of great scenery and sounds. I just picked the top of each rolling hill, checked my HR, and trudged up.

The run went well, and I ended up pretty sore and tight at the end of it. I felt tight in spots right from the start, too, so I really need to work on that. And I ran out of gel and sport drink at about 2h30, and to make it worse, the total calories I had with me wasn't enough. 1.25L of liquid and 6 gels wasn't enough which was a bit of a shock.

As usual, there's more lessons to learn: stretching (yoga's gotta start up here too), more calories, watch the form especially when fatigued. Mini-goals on the way to the main goal.

The next big run comes in four weeks - the marathon.

Yeah, 4 weeks. I say this because my training plan shows that there are *3* weeks left. Yeah, I miscounted. I took 2 math classes every year of my university career - you'd think I'd get that right. :D

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