Saturday, 14 May 2011

At the limit...maybe

This week has felt a lot tougher than I expected. It was supposed to be the start of the taper but getting nice weather and having a bike at the ready I biked to work a couple of times, and give it my all in the swim (damned butterfly stroke), and still push some of the runs. Ok, so I delayed the taper a bit. The next two weeks will be taper - for sure. Right now I feel like anything could go - an injury, a cold, a muscle pull - I almost feel fragile right now. So odd.

I've never reached this level of fatigue before, even in training for my previous half-iron tris (which indicates that I need to work harder on the tri training). I feel it all day, every day. And after yesterday's base run which felt so damned hard, I've felt sick ever since. What gets me is that during this run my HR was low - below 80%max the entire time - so I certainly didn't overexert least from a cardiovascular standpoint. Maybe I'm just that fatigued in the legs...dunno yet.

I do hope that all this just goes away through the taper. Right now I can't imagine running a marathon given how I feel. Things are just worn down and form is close to being lost. Just have to trust the the plan....

Tomorrow is a 90min fartlek run, and I'm rather interested in seeing how that pans out. I'm doing nothing but rest today to prepare...although I did start to prep for painting the living room (I've had enough of that damned red color) so my level of rest might be "compromised" but it will be so worth it.


Caratunk Girl said...

Trust the plan...Trust the plan

I always feel pretty clunky with taper weeks and as the race gets closer. You are going to do great - stick to the plan. :)

JohnP said...

Eat more.

And listen to CG gurl - stick to the plan :)

I'm going through a slump right now energy wise too... ugghh I think the return of the single digit, rainy, cold weather is getting to me. I though it was spring?!?!?!!!!