Monday, 25 April 2011

What a weekend!

The week - busy. Easter weekend - even busier! But it was a great one.

There wasn't much running or anything last week - just one run, now that I look back at it - but that's okay. I was feeling very, very tired mentally and physically and I didn't mind grabbing more rest and recovery. It gave me a chance to work on my taxes, hang out with the family, and work on stuff around the house. Yup, it's Spring time.

Good Friday was the start of "bigger" work. I got up, played a bit with my daughter, and then finished painting her play area - trim and door frames remained from the week before. The end result looks great, I must say. After lunch, it was time to get outside and enjoy some of the (sporadic) great weather. We got into the backyard, which was not my plan, and I had a few things pop into my head. The end result was my removing of perhaps the largest patio blocks I've seen yet (over 2' square, and 80ish lbs each), and a chunk of "fence" that closed off part of the yard to the dog that used to live here. I wanted it gone because it was built in a very crappy manner, and I didn't want anyone hurt on it. But it turns out that it was installed in the ground even worse - the post holes were about 16" deep and only a wee bit of concrete was used. I literally lifted them out of the ground! After all that there was backfilling from the holes, grading of the area, repositioning of the patio blocks, moving of the storage "shed" onto the blocks, and reseeding of the back lawn. It felt great to get that all done. And my back, legs and hips felt tight, sore and achy! Not used to manual labor!

Saturday my wife had to work (sadly), so my daughter and I did a bunch of errands, met up with mom for lunch, and then "chillaxed" for the afternoon. We were all still tired from the active Friday. And I had a sneaking suspicion that my daughter would be up early on Easter Sunday, so we needed to bank some rest through the day.

And I guessed right. Unlike most mornings where my daughter will wake about 6.30am, she declared that she was no longer tired at 5:45am on Sunday morning. The mean father I am, I made her rest until 6.30 'cause I knew she needed it. (Meany.) When 6.30 came, my wife and I hear the very fast soft thump-thump-thump-thump of a little girl's feet running with shear excitement. "He-came-he-came-he-was-here-he-was-here!!!" And then she was off again, trying to find what E.B. left for her. :D It was hilarious to see the sheer excitement in her - always special moments.

After all the items were found, I made a great breakfast for us all (it is VERY rare for all three of us to have breakfast together), and then we got dressed and headed out for more sunshine on another great day. We took the last bits of niger seed and headed to Sarsparilla Trail to feed the chickadees. My daughter LOVES doing that, and we were treated to many of them and their friends. Chickadees, cardinals, blue jays and woodpeckers were abundant, and all are rather used to people so we could get close to them all. A pair of geese at the lookout were also very interested in us...well, at least in the bread they wished we had.

We enjoyed that trail so much we hit two more that were right near by - Stony Swamp and the Chipmunk trails also in the Greenbelt. We saw so much wildlife and wilderness it was fantastic, and we enjoyed it so much. Our quick trip to feed the birds turned into a +3hr excursion! We ended up thirsty, hungry, tired and in my case a bit dirty (I need some rubber boots for next time). So we finished the day off with some nice steaks done on the bbq.

So much great quality time with the family, the entire weekend was a treasure. Looking forward to the next weekend like that.

Today I got back on the bandwagon again and headed out early this morning for a 10k run. Couldn't understand why I was so tired and winded for the whole run! I struggled the whole time, and just kept moving knowing that the marathon won't feel any better. With only about 10min left, I suddenly remembered the trails yesterday, which explained a lot. And at about the same time, all the steak and beef jerky I ate was remembered thanks to my GI tract. It was a good thing I was close to home! Better figure that issue out before race day!

Hope everyone had a great Easter weekend, and thanks for reading.

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JohnP said...

Wow - what an awesome weekend! Too bad she had to work Saturday.

I love that bird feed idea - that sounds like fun! I've never thought of that.