Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Still moving forward...even in the pool

Things seem so busy lately, which is why I've been absent here. No matter - I'm still around.

Last weekend was the first really nice weekend we had here in Ottawa, and I celebrated it by skipping the long run and focusing on the three B's of spring - Beer and BBQ. We cleaned the yard, cleaned the bbq and replaced some parts on it, set up the swingset again (it was still dismantled from the move) and got some big ass steaks from Costco. Friends came over, kids played, and we ate far too much beef. Good times.

Yesterday was my return to the training plan, with 10k in mind. I had to cut it 1k short, though, due to GI "concerns" I had, and I needed to make sure that I had an out-card just in case. It was still a good run, though, even if it felt harder than it should have (must still have some steaks in me). The weather was great, and I was really happy to get out. I am wondering, however, if the body is getting worn down harder with the marathon training now. The runs have felt harder lately, and my body is tired a lot more. I might be approaching that "fatigue well" they talk about.... But I'd better get over it, 'cause I've got a lot of running left this week, including a 2.5hr long run.

Slowtwitch had a great video yesterday on how to pull underwater for the swim. It was a great video that helped me understand how to improve my performance from a different perspective. As they say in the video: "In the pool, drag trumps power." They also said it applies to all strokes, so I gave it a shot.

Those tips helped me out a lot, and it was nice with all the drill work we did that I could really focus on them. Free, back and breaststroke were all improved and the level of effort was decreased thanks to the drop in drag. I must keep this form change in mind for the rest of my swims.

Now for me, the same tips didn't help my 'fly, but I've got other problems there. The good news there is that my fly is getting better, and I am holding more forward motion through that stroke. Baby steps.

For today, I had to miss the run at lunch, but that's okay. I'll perhaps hop in the trainer tonight for something different. Tomorrow sees the return to the pool, and Friday's another good run. I might actually swap my Friday/Sunday runs so my 2h30 run is done Friday morning on the way to work (it's about 24ish km from home to work) so my Sunday run doesn't eat up so much of my weekend. Something to consider.

Thanks for reading.


Closet Artist said...

Just a question- where is your strength training in all of your planning?
I have a DVD or 2 you could check out tonight!!! lol

JohnP said...

sounds like spring is here!

I could go for a steak this weekend. Except not until AFTER my workout ;)