Saturday, 16 April 2011

On track for my longest run ever

Tomorrow's run according to the training plan is 2h30. I have never ever run that long before. If all goes well, I expect that this will lead to 25-26km for me, which is also the longest I've run in one shot from a distance standpoint. This is pretty exciting for me...and still intimidating. My confidence needs work just as much as my running does.

Friday I was feeling tired (still am today too) but I ran 45min at a solid 80% maxHR and things felt fine. I think that I need to keep my HR right around this range for tomorrow's run to be successful. I am still timid with my HR (still waiting for the cardiologist appointment), and I need to nail down the hydration and nutrition strategy. God I worry too much.

I started the run planning today by taking my daughter to Bushtukah - in her words " again?!?" I was looking for a Fuel Belt Helium belt, but they didn't have any other than a not-so-manly pink. I decided that I'd find my Camelbak (NOT pink :D ) and fill it with HEED and strap a gel flask to it and try that (might actually try to save some money for a change). I also picked up a single pack of Banana HammerGel to try, a single pack of Hammer Whey and Hammer Recoverite for after the run. One thing I think I am susceptible to is not refueling properly after workouts, so I'll see if these products make me feel better after this run.

I also need to figure out just where the hell I'm going to run. I've had some GI "concerns" this week and I don't want to be stuck somewhere with no outcard. It's going to be cold, windy and wet in the morning as well, with the days feeling more like winter than spring lately. I'm probably worrying too much about, I know I am. Sheesh!

The more I think (a problem for me!) about this, the more I realize that deep deep down I'm filled with doubt on all this. The voices inside are louder in saying I can't do it than those voices that say I can. I've spent so many years trying to push my physical limits, and recently I realize that I'm no where close because of the strict limitations of my mind, and how they hold me back all the time. This is about so much more than just 42.2km.

But for now, I need to just focus on the next 25km. Pace, intensity, hydration, nutrition, and putting one foot in front of the other. As for thinking, I'll have 2.5hrs to do that tomorrow.

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