Thursday, 7 April 2011

Not used to hard efforts now

I've been doing my very best to follow the marathon training plan closely, especially when it comes to intensity. And as you'd expect, most of the intensity is rather low, and has been for a while now.

Last Sunday's run was the start of what is turning into a tough week. That run was scheduled to be a half-marathon race. Given that the week before I pulled a 2h05ish time for that distance, I thought I'd just have a "reasonable" pace for 2hrs and call it even. But not wanting to do the same route again, I chose to do trails near my house for a change of scenery. Those trails were made up of long, drawn out hills that sapped me and left me with an HR that was typically at or about 85% for the full run. After that, I decided to pay close attention to my HR again during my training runs and make sure I wasn't falling into the "junk mile" territory like I usually do.

I was strict on my shorter run on Tuesday, following the intensity guidelines to a 'T'. Wednesday was a bit different though. I was unable to do the run intervals, so I did bike intervals to "make it up." I pulled out Spinervals 9.0 - it's titled "Have Mercy" - and did 30min of kick-yer-ass-hard intervals. I wanted to give 'er to make up for the run, and I sure did. After those 30min, I could barely climb the stairs, and I felt crappy after (still do).

Today that continued. The plan called for a rest day, but I decided to get to the swim tonight since I missed it on Tuesday. The warmup was 4 x 200 all strokes - an indicator that we'd have our asses handed to us again. 12 x 50 mixed strokes with fins was next, and each 50 was prefixed with a 10sec flutter kick with arms out of the water (aka tough). Then it was swim/IM sets. I did my best all the way through, and it kicked my ass. Adding to the fatigue was the fact that I just couldn't get my timing in butterfly today, so I worked 2x as hard on that stroke all night.

One thing that has stuck all week is that the harder intensities leave me feeling "head-y" and my HR has been quick to jump up high too. Am I overtraining? Am I holding intensities too high for too long? Is this just an off week? Am I catching a cold or something? Is this normal fatigue for the point I'm at in training?

Too many questions again, and no answers yet. For an engineer, that's torture. :D

All of this is scaring me into thinking that there's something with the heart going on that I can't detect. I know I've had a couple of "blips" in the morning after I wake up, but I haven't felt anything through the rest of the day. I've had a wee bit of vertigo on the bus commute, but it's gone away. I'm tired, but I always am (I've always wished for a couple more hours of sleep - but I think that's common).

So what does all this mean? Well, I think it's safe to say that marathon training doesn't do much for high-intensity efforts. And it doesn't do much for cycling. Or swimming. And since I don't do those as much as I used to, it's probably just naturally harder right now. But then there's the other side of thought - if I were doing an Ironman, I'd be doing all three, so just shut-up and HTFU. :D

I'm sleepy, so I will do the latter for now. Hopefully this all washes away with a good sleep and warm shower. The test might be the run intervals tomorrow. Not a lot, but still tough - 6 x 75sec at 100% effort. Bring it!

Well, bring it after a good night's sleep. :D

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JohnP said...

If you want to get faster on the bike - go biking.

Run? - Go running
Swim? - Go swimming

one does not carry over to the other from a performance standpoint. I learned that the hard way.