Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Getting back on the wagon

So far so good this week. After last week's easy going and realizing that the marathon is only four weeks away, I know that I have to stick the last few weeks of this training plan. I am quite optimistic for this race, but still cautiously so.

Monday's run went well, but my intensity was too high. I am trying to keep my steady runs at or near maximal aerobic function which for me is at about 140bpm. Did my best but was well over that.

Yesterday I had a lunch meeting so my workout of the day became the swim and for a change, it was mostly freestyle with no butterfly. It was a tough one, and after missing all last week, I was careful to not muscle my way through. I remember reading "drag trumps power in the pool" so form was my number one priority. I stuck it well, and could feel the form weaken as I got tired. I didn't expect to dominate the lane, but did the intensities for me alone to keep the workout valuable. The majority of the workout was repeats of build-to-fast adjacent to fast sets, each of 100m in length. It worked you hard, logic the intensity up for 100m then holding that pace for another 100. Tough stuff that made you work for form, because you worked even harder otherwise. Lots of breaststroke kick too, which had a jello effect on my legs by the end of the night.

That jello-ness stuck for today's run. Again my HR was higher than the 140 I wanted but not by as much. And frankly I didn't care - the day was absolutely beautiful. It was a pleasure to be out in shorts and t-shirt today, and everyone else was enjoying it too. The pathway was much busier than usual with runners, walkers and the like. I did the prescribed 45min today, stretched well, and headed back to the office.

Tomorrow the plan is to get the near-hour base run in, and hit the pool again in the evening. That will probably consist of a pile of butterfly which I am not looking forward to. Ah well, I will suck it up as best as I can.

And speaking of swimming, I am really thinking of not doing masters next year. It is a fair bit of cash, and I don't go all 3x through the week. And while swimming all four strokes is cool and all, I would rather just focus on prepping for tris. I miss just hopping in the pool and doing a workout that makes my tri swim better, and "just swimming" the long sets. I may just swim at city or university pools - passes there are much cheaper. But that is far away right now. Deal with it later.

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JohnP said...

Only one month to go! OMG its almost here already!!

I hear ya about masters, I save my money and just swim on my own. There is only so much technique instruction you can do. Eventually its just practice practice practice. I love swimming long until I get tired AND THEN thats when the real workout starts. Maintaining form when tired is my favourite challenge!