Thursday, 28 April 2011

Crazy weather

Not as crazy as all the tornados down south, but crazy enough. The last few days in Ottawa have been a coon toss with respect to the weather. You just don't know what is coming during the day. Today was another example of that.

This morning we had a warm, light rain. I was fine with this - in fact I like running in a gentle rain. But by the time I got to work it was sunny and windy. No problem! Then at lunch I was about to get ready for a run when I was briefly stopped by a coworker with a question. When that question was answered the light rain had turned into a full onslaught of wind and rain. It was unbelievable. From my office on the 9th floor you could barely see the street below. The winds sounded brutal, and a check on the weather showed wind gusts up near 100kph! I promptly decided I would not run in that and ate lunch instead. About 30min the rain stopped and the sun popped put again. Seriously?!?

Now I am on the bus and it is a calm warm cloudy day out. Hopefully the nasty wind is done for the day. My wife called me this afternoon and said that trees and fences are blown down in my neighborhood and shingles were scattered on my yard. Hopefully those are not from my house but I am interested to see what happened. The house is still new to us so I am a bit nervous as to what I will find.

But you know, I believe more and more that things happen for a reason. The weather "prevented" a run today, but I think I pulled a hamstring on Tuesday or Wednesday so some extra rest was probably a good thing. I am back in the pool tonight which will hopefully loosen things up. Tomorrow's forecast looks great, so the run will definitely happen.

I am hoping that the weather becomes more stable soon, especially for those dealing with the tornados. Fingers crossed.

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