Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Win some, lose some

The title, this time, applies to two things:
  • runs
  • sleep.
With my renewed focus, I've been working hard on getting the runs done and getting them done right according to plan. To start the flow, I got up at 4.30am on Tuesday morning and got my 1hr15 run in. I'm sure that I was asleep on my feet for the first 45min - I was rough, stiff and ended up rather achy. I only really felt good during the last 15min, just as I noticed the first bits of twilight in the eastern sky.

I tried to do the same today for my next 1h15 run, but I just couldn't do it. 4.30am came and went while I slept as if I were dead to the world. So I'm feeling pretty good this morning! And with a clear, rested head, I've got a plan to recover the run and still keep the load in the legs for tomorrow's 1hr run - "Bending Crankarms." I'll do this video tonight and feel it in tomorrow's run.

As for Friday's 1h15 run, well, we'll see where I can fit that in. We'll see what wins that morning...when morning comes. :D


Matty O said...

Nice job! The best time to get workouts done is in the morning for me as well. Just make sure you stretch, the body is tight and rested in the mornings!!!

JohnP said...

I'm never bent crankarms, but I've snapped a couple. It's not pretty.

Sounds like an awesome workout though :) Good luck on the run the next day, you'll feel it for sure!