Sunday, 20 March 2011

Two and a half...

...months! That's how far the marathon is for me. And if you're wondering, I'm "bi-winning" at it so far. :D Solid training, solid efforts, and quality family time.

I got about 4.5hrs of training in this week, and I'm sore from it. I missed a couple of key runs (one being today's long fartlek run), but made up for it by suffering through Spinervals 19.0 to load the legs for longer training efforts. Let me tell you, it's been a LONG time since I've felt like that. I think the last time was my last half-iron where I lost all my calories. Seriously.

And from those efforts there's some indicators of change. Lower HRs. Stronger and longer sustained paces. Quicker recovery. Unfortunately there's also some aches in the hips, back and knees, and some cramping in the upper back. Well, there's a good, solid reason for the ouches - the lack of stretching. That's always been something I've been weak with - both in level of flexibility and actually doing it. My wife recommended (once again) that I get some yoga done. The tough part now is picking a DVD that would be a good one. If anyone can recommend one, please leave me a message!

Through all this training, I'm enjoying the "ease" with which I can be with my family. I'm getting spoiled with the "just run" training, and it may be a challenge to get back to tri training later this season. :D I've been able to help out quite a bit this week, especially with a sick daughter. And today, we picked up and took a short roadtrip to Watertown, NY to get a change of scenery. It's only 90min from here, and it's a cheap way to get away a bit. We all had fun, ate crappy (but cheap) food, and now we're home ready for some rest, and ready for the next week to start.

As for training this next week, the volumes are much lower that last week, but the intensities are also higher. Tomorrow's run will be made a bit longer to get some fatigue back in the legs, and the intervals on Tuesday and Thursday will be paired up with the return to the pool. And Sunday's long run must be hit this week - those long runs need to stick so I can build up some stamina for the real thing.

...which is only 2.5 months away. Yikes! :D

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JohnP said...

Great job at the balancing the training with life - thats an art that alot of us struggle to learn!

Your race is getting closer, sounds like you're on track - congrats!