Thursday, 31 March 2011

To sleep perchance to dream

Well, something like that. I used to know more Shakespeare but not anymore. Still enjoy dredging up quotes when I can!

Yesterday was a rest day for me and I truly do find them the toughest. The level of endorphins is gone so nothing keeps you awake, except for the itchiness of recovering legs at night. I am on the bus right now and really wonder if I will be able to stay awake for the ride (I don't want to be "that guy" who misses his stop and droops on his briefcase).

Training is going well lately. Sunday's long run caused some hurt, but I recovered well. That run was fully aerobic for over two hours, and I can see the improvement from all the aerobic work I am doing lately. Still need to work on nutrition for the long run, especially when your gel freezes up. :).

Tuesday's sprints were fun and I felt drained heading to my evening swim...which was pure hell. It was a solid work-yer-ass-off hour with 1200m IM done with closed fists. It was nasty! But before I could smear this workout, it got me to the point of doing 3 full 25m lengths of butterfly. I have never done that, and certainly not at that level of fatigue. Sure, doing butterfly won't help my tri swims, but it was awesome to make some progress on that stroke. Overall, it was a good workout, and everyone was feeling it. Slept like a baby that night!

Today is a subtle return to running with a relatively short run at lunch. There is another swim tonight which I will do my best not to miss. More runs through to Sunday where I am to "race" a half-marathon, but I will just do the distance like last week. My wife and daughter already have that planned out for me - who needs a coach when I've got them!

Thanks for reading!

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Matty O said...

Haha, butterfly is brutal. A buddy taught me how to do that in college, I loved it. It feels so powerful haha. But it is very taxing on the body.

Great job man, keep up the good work :)