Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Sick or tired?

I have been trying to figure this one out all weekend. Ever since Friday I have been dragging my butt - hard. Headaches, upset stomach, and fighting to stay awake has been my best description of the weekend. I missed Sunday's long run and yesterday's run, and missed the spin workouts I said I would do to make them up.

On the positive side, I busted my ass hard last week. Solid and disciplined steady runs, a hard interval set done properly, killer swim workouts. I was really proud of how I did last week.

Then something came undone. At first I thought I was just really tired. But something else didn't sit right either. I do suspect, though, that my subconscious got the best of me without knowing it. Looking back, I think I was just really worn out from last week's efforts. It has been quite a while since I have felt that tired, when recovery runs feel like long runs.

I was beating myself up a bit last night over this. As I ate a big bowl of chocolate ice cream, I wondered where things went wrong and how to correct them. How would I get back lost effort? What was I really feeling? Is the marathon out of reach?

I think what I lost was vision. The mental picture of what my week would be like, and what my goals for the week were. With shorter runs it is easy to just pack up and run at lunch - no thought needed. But as times get longer and effort increases, lunch time doesn't always work out and you need to shuffle it around. Part of the stress I feel is getting in these longer sets and still getting everything else done. I couldn't picture this weekend for a similar reason. I felt tired physically and mentally, and couldn't wrap my head around what I needed to do.

That is key for me - the mental aspect. If my head is weak, I am done. If it is strong, I can work through the fatigue I feel elsewhere. This is a common theme and I struck it again.

So I put these two main ideas together and came up withy plan for the week. At the risk of making up workouts (which I hear isn't the best) I will get a run and swim today, run and optional bike tomorrow, run and swim Thursday, and a run Friday. I would like to bike on Saturday, and will get the long run on Sunday. And I'm going to have to change my morning routines to get the longer runs in before the rest of the day begins.

Swimming isn't key for me right now, but I am finding it really strengthens me up. As for biking, it is not key either but it is fun..and spring isn't far off anymore.

But given the freezing rain and snow we got yesterday, you would never know it!

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JohnP said...

Dude, you got this! A break in the routine can really throw a wrench into things. I know what you mean about outgrowing your lunch time slot.

I would say ditch the lunch workouts all together. Use that time to relax.