Friday, 4 March 2011


First off, let it be known that this post is not a complaint! This is all good stuff.

Win number one - I made it to the pool last night! And I wasn't sorry about it. Well, not until the end. :)

That swim was a killer. Last week's swim with push-ups and planks in the middle of sets was bad enough. This one felt worse to me because it completely fatigued my entire body. I am not lying when I say that I had no stroke left between some of the sets. When the session was done my back was a solid triangle shape, and every muscle in my body was toast!

Of course the whole night was IM stuff. I still can't do butterfly worth a damn but I do give it all I have. I will learn that stroke - it is personal now! I do look forward to more freestyle focus only to prepare for tris this year, but I really see the IM stuff making me more fit all around.

The main killer for me last night was the main set (which I didn't complete). 3 times through 75m / 150m / 300m as follows:
- fly, back, breast switching on 25/50/100m
- back, breast, free switching on 25/50/100m
- all free.

My body was done after 2 of these, and the coach moved us to the next part of the workout afterwards - 4 x 150m with fins, switching every 25m in free/back/fly order, and accelerating through each 25.

Holy crap. I could barely walk.

And if you ever want to know how weak your fly kick is, just slap some fins on. Apparently my is absolutely horrid! And the worse your kick is, the harder it is to do with fins.

And now for Win number 2.

But with all this suffering and inhaling of the pool, I realized something. I can dig deeper than my mind allows me when I put myself in the right frame. I really didn't want to swim last night, and I sure as he'll didn't want to take the beating I did. But I never quit, never cheated, never gave up. I kept trying to do all I could during the fly and back sets, determined to do what was prescribed by my coach, and do it to the best of my abilities. Now all I have to do is apply the same determination, the same mindset, to the rest of my training (and to all of my responsibilities, really) and I will excel like never before.

I love learning things about myself. Maybe that is the real driver for me being in multisport. Bring it!


Matty O said...

Right on man! I like running/tris because I am obsessed with finding my limits.

I will find my limits haha.

Keep up the good work (I hate swim drills).

JohnP said...


I love those workouts that test your limits but then when you think back at how brutally hard it was - not once did you think to quit or dread. You just executed the workout to the best of your abilities and GOT IT DONE! I love em'!