Monday, 7 March 2011

Mother Nature sucks - no problem!

It's March in Ottawa and if there is one thing that is certain, it is that the weather can be bipolar. After riding success through the latter part of last week, Mother Nature played the bipolar card and hit us with a tonne of rain on Saturday and a tonne of snow Saturday night. That meant there would be no run Sunday morning. With conditions like that, every step would be a guess - is that puddle frozen? Is there ice under that snow? Is that snow frozen solid? I didn't even consider the run.

But I was very determined to get a solid 90mi. Of aerobic activity in to fill the scheduled run slot. It would be on the bike in the afternoon.

After clearing the snow (a lot of it - god bless snowblowers) we hosted a get-together for a heap of friends. It was a blast to have everyone over, and www ate and drank and visited while the kids ate and played.

As soon as it was over I hopped on the bike with my little coach (aka my daughter) joining me in the workout room. She said she just wanted to be with me, and grabbed her Princess sleeping bag and some art supplies and sat on the floor the whole time. Meanwhile I belted out 90min of Spinervals "Muscle Endurance" as prescribed and sweated buckets, making my own "art" on the floor mat. Then the two of us did some stretching together, the whole time I was being shown how flexible I should be (my daughter can twist herself into a knot).

It was a great workout, and I gained serving from it even though it wasn't a run-specific workout. The whole thing was aerobic, and I had a soft steady burn through all parts of my legs (the whole workout is done right at threshold). One cool thing I noticed is thatI had to work the legs hard to get the HR up, which demo starts an aerobic increase! Finally! :)

Now if Mother Nature would just give us spring instead of extending winter, we could all get along.

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