Monday, 28 March 2011

Concerns raised

I pulled out the HTFU card twice this least weekend. Saturday I got up and was out the door for 5.45am for my run. I did the same on Sunday.

Saturday's run was quite challenging - 15min easy, 15min hard. I was going to get some intervals in, then I remembered some wisdom from coaches saying not to make up workouts. So I just returned to the plan and belted it out as best as I could. And I did it better than I had expected. You see, since I moved to my new home, which is in the same neighborhood as my old home, I hadn't checked to see if my routes were of a different distance now. Well, they are...almost 1km longer. It was an awesome feeling to know that I was covering more ground in the same time. It's nice to get positive feedback every so often.

Sunday's run saw me get out a bit later, but still around 6am. What really sucked about this run was the cold. It was -20C with the windchill - isn't it supposed to be Spring?!?!? I bundled up appropriately for my 2h10min run, popped a flask of Hammer Gel in my pocket, and headed out. The wind was stiff, icy, and persistent. I wore a balaclava which was perfect for adjusting with the conditions, but my hands were a bit cold...especially after heading straight into the wind for the first 55min of the run. :) I guessed at a route and it worked out perfectly, covering most of the Kanata suburb (well, the older parts of it - it's developing like crazy).

Now it may just be that I had fallen short on calories in this run (the gel eventually froze, so I couldn't eat it for the last 40min or so), but I was hurting near the end. Hamstrings were tight and sore, as were my hips. My left calf was starting to protest, as were my right quadriceps. When the run was done, I was proud of myself - I beat my best half-marathon time by doing 21.1k in roughly 2h05, and still had something left in the tank - but I was left wondering just how I'd complete another 21.1km in this condition.

I stretched big-time when this run was done - probably for about 40min (my daughter was doing it too, showing me how "easy" it was to do). :D I was tired, hungry and thirsty, and after dealing with that, I showered and got on with the day. Through the day, I realized that I've got quite a bit of time to still prepare for this distance. And knowing that I have a new best (albeit unofficial) time for 21.1k, it was done with relative ease, and I could have kept going if I "needed" to.

More good stuff came today. While I'm still sore, it's not that bad. And the soreness I have is completely muscular - there's nothing in the joints or bones. All good stuff, and all positive.

So with...9 weeks (I think) left, my head's still up, and I'm trying to keep faith in the training plan, the training, and me. I feel confident that I'll complete the distance, it's just a matter of how long it'll take me, and what shape I'll be in. And perhaps I shouldn't even care about that, and get rid of that "stress" altogether. But for now, I'll let that bit of fear drive me to help make sure I do the training. :D

But now, it's time for bed. It's going to be another big day tomorrow.

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Matty O said...

Yeah, this weather just plain SUCKS! I was running in shorts this time last year.

Way to get out there and hammer these workouts!

Keep up the good work.