Thursday, 24 March 2011

Chugging along

Not much to report (for those of you that are actually interested). Still running, still moving. Progress continues to come along.

I skipped yesterday's interval run, and didn't make it up in the evening - easily sided with supper and ice cream with my family (that always wins). Besides, I needed some comfort after dropping a wad of cash at the garage - any more big tickets and it's time to unload this car of mine. Hopefully that won't need to happen for a few more years.

That interval run will happen today, and followed by another one tomorrow as per the training plan. Squash a swim in the middle, and I'll be looking forward to my rest day on Saturday.

Well, that is until I examine my training plan and find that I don't get rest on Saturday. At least it's shorter...and a good deal shorter than Sunday's long run.

Things are still a bit achy and sore from the continued load. I have to work much harder on keeping the intensity levels where they should be, and I need to keep getting quality stretching in. And dropping 20lbs wouldn't hurt either. ;)

That's all for now. Back to work.

1 comment:

JohnP said...

lol, I got one of those cars too! They're like cop magnets :) Or maybe its my heavy foot..... lol