Thursday, 24 February 2011

Where does the time go?

Really - where does the time go? I can't believe that February is nearly over. So much to do, so little time! At least I am getting ahead on that To Do List.

Can't believe that I am in the middle of Week 6 of the training for this spring's marathon. While I haven't hit all the workouts, I have been hitting most of them and still making it to the pool face a week. Sadly the cycling has fallen off the map but that will correct itself once the roads are clear for commuting. I think both my Felt and my Ridley need to "blow out the carbon" soon. :)

I have noticed a difference in my running already though. While I am not much faster (which I understand is not the focus of this plan) my stamina at the same pace is improving. Now in saying that, I have been paying close attention to my HR and intensity through the workouts and I thunk that is a big contributor. And so far all of this is still rather enjoyable.

One other strong contributor to my success so far is swimming. Lately or coach has been hitting us hard with the fins. Now normally swim fins make things easier but with the sets we have been getting, they hurt bad! The end result, however is a stronger core and steadier (and tighter) hips. Case in point: Tuesdays swim contained a fins set of 6x75m. Each 75 was broken as 25 kick, 25 swim and 25 kick with the whole 75 done with a kick at 100% effort. And the stroke changed each 75: fly, back, free, fly, back, free. I barely had anything in the core after that (making the following pyramid set rather tough), but the next morning I could feel the benefits of the workout already.

Today's plan is a hard interval run a lunch, and a swim tonight. I am on-call this week so all that could change in an instant, but for now this is in the works.

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JohnP said...

I'm waiting until April before concentrating on bike. In the meantime, just maintenance phase.

come on spring! Time flies when training so it should be here in no time!!