Friday, 11 February 2011

Swim fins and pool walls

Last night's swim was an absolute killer for me. Lots of work with fins, and it was punishing. Lots of IM stuff too. I knew with the warm-up that we were in for a tough night.

The first part of the main set was 12x75m with 10sec rest after each. The 75s were grouped in 4s - 4 freestyle, 4 butterfly, 4 backstroke. Within that, each 75 was made up of 25m hard-ass kick, 25m hard swim, and 25m hard-ass kick. The whole thing was done with swimfins, and my hips and core sure felt every bit of it.

After that was 5x100m IM with fins. I was taking a bit more rest at this point, 'cause I was finding that when rested, I could actually do the strokes properly. Butterfly with fins was coming around, and I was focusing very, very hard on the timing. I could feel it when that timing worked out - the stroke was so much easier.

On the 3rd of the 100m IM, my focus was too strong. I pushed off the wall a bit crooked with the fins, and angled over towards the side wall a bit too much. There was an opening there, where a waterslide empties, so I thought I was okay. One big fly kick, one big pull, and SLAM! I drove the back of my left hand into the wall corner at the opening. I knew this could be bad, so I stopped immediately and headed to the side. The coach saw the whole thing, and was there in an instant.

I hit just above the wrist, probably right at the carpels. The goose-egg grew rapidly, and there was a bit of blood. (I hate injuries and blood - I get extremely nervous and tend to pass out.) I stayed calm, and headed for the lifeguard room to get ice and some tending. I was sure I didn't break anything, but probably sprained my wrist a bit.

Obviously, the rest of the swim was a write-off for me. I had some kind folks stick with me to make sure I was okay (which I was), got changed, and headed home. The bandage has stayed on, and won't come off for a while yet. (Ick.)

This morning the swelling is all but gone, and the wrist aches. I'm confident nothing is broken, but my wrist is making itself known. It's been a tough day so far, with queezy feelings because of it - I wish I could shake that. I hate to use this as an excuse, but I will. No run today, even though I really really want to. Might hop on the bike for a spin tonight, but we'll see how it all works out.

Sigh. I was just starting to get that damned stroke too...

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JohnP said...

Ohhh sorry to hear about your accident! That sounds really painful! I've done something similar in the past, I hope you heal up quick!
Keep up posted! advil and ice are your friend! :)