Tuesday, 8 February 2011

No sick cards allowed.

That is what I learned on Sunday from my wife. I was feeling the effects of my head cold and told my wife that the run wouldn't happen for me. Well she didn't agree!

She "encouraged" my ass out the door. I wasn't so sure but I wasn't about to argue about it either (she had "the look" on). :)

I headed out and just took my time, testing the waters as I went. Things felt substantially harder for the majority of the run which surprised me. But the whole way my HR was aerobic. Mind you, my pace showed it, but it was a full 70min of aerobic running. That is a huge win for me, and I am certain there is a lot I gained from that one run.

So this week continues with the "no sick cards" rule. I hit yesterday's run as prescribed, and will get today's as well and tonight's swim. The momentum feels good.

In looking at thus week's runs I noticed that the mid-week runs are quite short. "Must be a recovery week" I thought. If it is, it ends with a bang - a 2hr steady run on Sunday. Going to have to get up early for that one, and find a good entertaining route.

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JohnP said...

Its always fun picking out new routes to sight see! I enjoy mixing up my long runs.

Ha - sounds like the wife was trying to get rid of you. Check your credit card statement - it usualy involves large purchases hah! :)