Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Got some catching up to do!

It seems like the days have been flying by lately, hence the lack of posts. I can certainly say that I am keeping my plate full!

First off, the hand. It is doing much better now. The swelling has finally disappeared and all that remains is the site of impact - a triangular dent in the skin from the corner of tile that took the brunt of the impact. Now that I am approaching 40 I really notice how things heal much slower than they used to.

I am still keeping up with the marathon plan but have yet to register. I will have to do that soon as this race fills up fast. I did my 2nd run on Sunday (starting at 5am - big win for me!) and it went well. I do need to tune/adjust the nutrition better though. I was starting to fade in the last 30min or so. Tough to keep the gel from freezing though!

Sunday was also a big day in that I started a long overdue project - the painting of my daughter's room. "Boy Green" wasn't doing it for us so it was time to turn it into "Her Room.". So now it is pink...mostly. Still have one and a half walls to do. I say "half" because the previous owners did a crappy job of the previous painting, and my pink paint has a rather thin base. I do t mind doing 3 coats of a wall to cover well, but I can't stand having to fix shitty work. I was tempted to just rip all the trim off and redo it, but my daughter would need to be out of her room for another good week if I did that. I will leave that for now, and do it when we get new carpets.

Monday my daughter and I were sick so we stayed home and rested with Super Mario Galaxy all day. She loves that game. And just when I thought we were doing well having collected 89 stars, I found out that the game has 241 before you win. Crap! :)

Ran yesterday which felt really really good. My legs were stiff and tight still from Sunday's run so it made things feel much better. I did skip the swim though, as I really want to complete the painting during the week. Thursday will be my return to the pool.

Today I hope to squeeze in a run between meetings at lunch. Should fit nicely especially with the nice weather that has suddenly returned to Ottawa. And tonight I hope to finish painting my daughter's room...all but the trim that is.


Andrew Opala said...

What kinds of Gels do you use? I've tried GUs and PowerBar ones and they are far to sweet for me, I get this burning dryness in my throat when I eat them, even after washing them down quickly with water.

I like the chewy shot bloks. Expensive, but they seem to work a bit for me.

How many calories do you consumer per k?

cdnhollywood said...

I'm a HUGE fan of all things by Hammer Nutrition. I find they actually taste good, and it's all super easy to digest. Especially their Hammer Bars. My loyal nutrition products from them are the Hammer Gel, HEED and Perpeteum. When I'm going longer, over a couple of hours, I'll grab a Hammer Bar.

As for calorie burn, I find that I'm about 800cal per hour regardless of the sport/discipline.