Thursday, 3 February 2011

Getting some ice time

I decided to mix things up today. Since I missed a session yesterday (free lunch always tastes best) I decided to move the scheduled run from 15min to at least 30. I was prepared with my YakTrax knowing that the pathways and sidewalks would still be a mess from yesterday's snowfall.

As I started, I was a bit surprised at the poor condition of the sidewalks. Usually the city is all over it and cleans up quickly for the next day. But since we got more than usual I guess i should be more understanding. Given the amount of slipping and sliding I decided I may as well run on the world's longest skating rink.

This year the Canal is serviced by a new machine for the ice maintenance and it is doing a damn fine job. I am not a skater but for the years I have been working downtown, this is the best the ice has been. Unfortunately that did me no good. Even the snow left on the sides for walkers and runners was very slippery thanks to the pristine ice. My YakTrax made no difference at all. I was slower and working harder but it was really nice to have a different perspective. Same route as usual, but about 8 feet lower.

When I got to the halfway point, my feet and knees were not happy fighting for traction so I left the ice and returned to the pathway. The snow was getting hard packed there so things were better for traction.

I made sure I did some good focused stretching afterwards. My back was bothering me last night and I think it is because of tight IT band and tight hips. Need to keep focused on that from now on.

Hopefully they will loosen up in the pool tonight too. That would mean no IM, and I doubt that will be the case. :)

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JohnP said...

Ice running. you're nutz! I love it! :)