Friday, 4 February 2011

"Below the neck" Rule

Not sure what it is, but I feel like warmed-over crap. Achy ears, headache, sore eyes, Barry White-esque voice (...or is it Chef?) thanks to some congestion. And when I cough, there's a wee bit of burning in the chest. Sadly, for me, this all means no run.

I was so looking forward to it today. The weather is the warmest it's been all week. With Winterlude starting today, I was hoping to run past the ice and snow sculptures along the Canal and Parliament (if they still do some there). But that will have to wait.

This all started to come on last night after work. I bobbled back and forth on whether or not I'd go swim, and at the last minute decided to "man up" and head out. I survived, but that was about it. No energy, no focus. Got the work done, but it wasn't pretty.

At breakfast this morning I felt a bit worse, and wondered what would happen today. I'm feeling worse, and my temperature is up a bit (the bus ride in felt SO hot!) so I'm just going to sit at my desk, have lunch, and sip tea (I hate tea, but I can't drink coffee all day).

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JohnP said...

Weekend is here - take it easy! Dont get sick on me!!