Friday, 25 February 2011

And they bug me about eating Wendy's food...

Where I work, there is a Wendy's restaurant on the main floor. On occasion, I'll grab something there for a lunch. The folks at work bug me about eating "that crap" when I'm so active and (apparently) trying to be healthy.

Well now I've got some backup! David Thompson sees fast food as a cheap and easy-to-get source of energy for those longer sessions, including races. Just goes to show you that anything is okay in moderation!

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Matty O said...

I agree 100%.

The rule of thumb is that you pass a McDonalds every 10-15 minutes on the bike.... why wouldn't you get used to pumping that crap down the gullet?

High calories and small portions. Plus cheap. I am honestly planning on incorporating double cheeseburgers into my long rides this summer for our IM training :)