Monday, 24 January 2011

Yeah, it is that cold.

I'm normally not such a wimp when it comes to the weather. But these last couple of days have felt really, really cold. I feel odd saying that, having lived most of my life in Saskatchewan where it gets plain ol' damned cold. Maybe I'm just getting old. But stories like this just don't help matters much:
A frostbite warning goes into effect when the wind-chill dips below minus 35, and is a serious issue for Ottawa's shelters.Early Monday morning the wind-chill dipped as low as minus 38. The Shelters said they are hitting the streets in order to encourage to come inside for their own safety. The Ottawa Mission downtown added that they have been extremely busy.

Paramedics responded to a few weather related calls but said they see a spike because of the dropping temperature. Some brave citizens even headed out for a skate on the Rideau Canal which kept Patrollers busy and one woman even had to be treated for frozen eyeballs.

Seriously?!?! I didn't even know that was possible! And I thought it was bad when my car wouldn't start yesterday....

So today - no run. My gear is here at my office, but judging from what I felt walking here, my gear won't be sufficient for a run today. Instead, it'll be more fun on the bike tonight, probably with my new Spinervals video again.

Thankfully, the weather is warming up rather quickly over the next couple of days. Tomorrow we jump up to -9, and even warmer on Wednesday. Snow will come with it, but honestly, I can deal with that better than the snow.


JohnP said...

Frozen Eyeballs. I KNEW IT WAS POSSIBLE! I swear my run on the weekend I could feel it happening. You could have skated on them!

Yeh, switch up your training plan or hit a treadmill instead. We all have limits. I draw the line at frozen eyeballs.

skierz said...

Brrr! It is damn cold..I am going to try a run late today and see how it goes. The weekend was wicked!!