Friday, 7 January 2011


Last night was the toughest 2000m I think I have ever done in my masters swims! The entire night was IM and non-freestyle strokes. The warmup included 4x100 IM right from the get-go and the theme never let up.

And I never backed down. I even volunteered myself for more!

Normally I hate IM work but for some reason last night, I relished the thought of pushing myself very hard through the entire night. I can honestly say I never let up or gave up. - I gave 100% on each set.

The main set was grouped in 4x100 blocks - 100 freestyle drill, 100 any stroke, 100 drill not freestyle, 100 swim not freestyle. I managed to do almost all 3 prescribed, and did each drill blocks as butterfly (1-arm drill). Including the warmup, I completed 300m of butterfly work last night! That is by far the most I have ever done. I also did a heap of backstroke (freestyle and breaststroke are my favs) and that is something I dread. Such a successful night for me.

Also a bit of a painful one. My back, shoulders and legs re absolutely drained and have been achy all day (getting stronger!). But the worst was slamming my hand into the lane dividers a couple of times. And not just glancing blows - full on 100% effort butterfly stroke slamming. Both times hit the same spot, just above the knuckle of the index finger on the right hand. Got a nice purple circle there today. :)

Even with the fatigue happily set in, I got in another short run today. An added workout bonus was the fresh snow we have been getting today, which made it feel like a beach run the entire time. I didn't wear my HRM but I know it was up there. I slowed right down, focusing on form and footholds, and just patiently trudged along the Rideau Canal once again. Now I am ready for a good dose of recovery tonight.

And that recovery will be in the form of Movie and Pizza night. My daughter hasn't had one of these for a while, so it should be a great time.

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