Monday, 10 January 2011

A nice run along the Skateway

Well, part of it. They have opened a near-3km stretch of the Canal for skating, with the rest of it not far behind, I suspect. We're supposed to have colder temperatures consistently now, so the ice should thicken up.

I did my usual route today, from the office right to the Canal and along the path. Snow clearing was better today, so the grip was significantly better which helped with the HR. I also wore my HRM today, trying to stay focused on a lower-intensity workout to bring up that aerobic base.

My phone actually decided to let me take a couple of pictures today. (I'm on call this week, so the phone is all but physically attached to me.) The first shot is right where they started to open the skateway, right under Prettoria Bridge. A few people were out, mostly high school kids from nearby schools.

I ran down about 2.5k and decided to cross the ice (tricky!) and run along the other side (which I rarely ever do). It was a nice change of scenery. The photo below shows that crossover, and the cafe and rest huts that are on the ice. Maybe next time I'll stop and grab a Beavertail...just to fuel up for the run back. :)

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JohnP said...

awesome stuff! I'd love to see that some day!