Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Must not be my week

Either I need to HTFU, stop bitching about training impediments, or be more rational. Something has to give! Well, perhaps for this week.

After missing two runs I was aiming to "make it up" with a swim last night. But just after supper my stomach decided to turn itself inside out, and I got a nasty headache. I never get headaches so things weren't looking good. I heeded my wife's advice (she is never wrong) and went to bed promptly at 9.

Thankfully I do feel better today, but still quite tired and my HR seems to be up a bit. A run is still in the works for today, but I will keep my fingers crossed anyways.

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JohnP said...

pssst.. I have a confession.

I wuss'd out halfway through last night's swim, and skipped this morning's bike.

I'm even contemplating an easy treadmill run indoors instead of going outside this evening.

It's a recovery week for me, so I'm sticking to that excuse! :)

Hang in there buddy!