Monday, 3 January 2011

Let's get this party started

New Year's Day arrived earlier than I hoped when my daughter woke me up at 6.30. She was just too excited about the possibility of a roadtrip, which we all discussed the night before. Yup, we were going to Syracuse to finally get a holiday over the holidays. We were all looking forward to it, really.

After breakfast, I got some luggage out and started to think about what to take with us. Suddenly, I was struck with the sudden urge to take the first step to making 2011 a great year. I changed into my workout clothes and hopped on my bike in my new soon-to-be-fancy-and-motivating workout room. I did my easiest Spinervals workout - I haven't been on that bike in months! - and it felt great! I'm not used to the saddle anymore, but it was wonderful to turn the cranks again and get things moving again. If I had more time, I would have done more. Honest!

We all vowed to eat better during our roadtrip. And while that sounds impossible, we actually did really well. Yes, we indulged, but not a lot. My daughter loves the pool in the hotel we always stay at, and I managed to move a bit there too while playing around. Water running along the sides of the pool to make a current, making underwater currents to try to push my daughter over (much harder than you think!), and stuff like that made playtime fun while making some muscles tired. And of course, the marathon shopping puts lots of miles in the legs too. :)

Now we're back home, getting ready to return to reality tomorrow with school and work. And with that return I think of what I want to try this year. Number 1 right now is a marathon, and the National Capital Race Weekend has one on May 29 right here in Ottawa. They are also kind enough to have three 18-week training plans at different levels - I'll take either beginner or intermediate - which fits right in to the current date. 20 weeks, 6 days until May 29. That gives me two weeks to get used to moving again before hitting the road in a structured manner.

The hardest thing for me will be blending in the swim and bike stuff. I love them both so much I really don't want to drop either one. I'll just have to play with it and adjust accordingly. I must remember that I cannot substitute long rides for long runs - I need to accumulate some distance in these legs to have a better chance at success.

Sitting here now, thinking about it all, I'm rather excited about this. I've never done a marathon, and often wondered about one. And I really think that it will be a great step to improving my running, which has been stalled for a few years now.

So, as the title suggests, let's get it on!


JohnP said...

I learned my lesson - there is no substitute for running! Glad to hear you had a great trip!

Lily on the Road said...

If you are going to blend in swimming and spinning you might as well look at some of Somersault's Triathlons this year too!

Happy New Year!

cdnhollywood said...

LOTR -- trust me, they are on the list! I've got some redemption to get @ the Graham Beasley half-iron this year!