Tuesday, 25 January 2011

First the cold, now this

Yesterday I skipped (wimped-out?) my run because of the cold. I'm okay with that.

But today I had to miss my run because a "Sales Engineer" (as a real, licensed engineer, that term frustrates me to no end) decided he'd sell something to a customer that we don't sell. Now I'm working with another person here to make a pile of code do what he "sold."

I must be in the wrong line of work. I certainly don't make as much as a "Sales Engineer" does, I don't get any of the perks, and apparently I wouldn't have to be held accountable for making a mistake.

I guess I should just let it go. But I'm already falling behind on the planned running this week. This is the third day of Week 2 that I've missed the run, and Thursday will be another (medical appointment). At least it's only Week 2.


skierz said...

I feel your pain!!! one four letter word likely sums it up! and the word is not snow!

JohnP said...

lol gotta luv the marketing guys. They'll promise the world cuz they know it's not them that puts in the man hours to have to deliver.