Sunday, 16 January 2011

Day 0

Tomorrow's the day. Marathon training starts tomorrow. 18 weeks from now, if all goes well, I'll be doing my first marathon ever.

I do have some things to ensure I do through all this. Core strength and flexibility are very high on the list. My back, glutes and hamstrings (as a start) are always very tight and that may cause big troubles when the distances get big. I still want to keep swimming and cycling (okay, I want to start up the cycling again!) so I'll have to manage that properly. If I don't do that, I'll wear down too quick, or not take the load properly. Which reminds me of the third point - keeping the right intensity for these workouts. I tend to tempo all the time, and don't get sufficient rest. With long runs in the marathon plan, I need to keep intensity low when it's supposed to be low, or I won't recover at all.

Tomorrow starts it all, and it's not heavy - a total of 35min. I think the cold will be tougher tomorrow than the run will be. :)

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JohnP said...

W00t! Day 0 - exciting!! :)