Thursday, 23 December 2010

And now it's time for the holidays

Finally, after much preparation and effort, we're in our new home. It's been nuts, somewhere between "controlled chaos" and "mayhem" for the most part. But the big work is done, and our old house is nearly completely empty. Thankfully, we have until mid-next week to take the last bits out - that's my post-Christmas activity.

The house is fantastic, and I can't wait to clean it up and put our spin on it. Unfortunately, the level of cleaning required is more than I expected (the old owners have maintenance standards that are FAR below mine) but we're putting in the time and polishing it up. We've already got some paint samples, and have started a list of upgrades to work towards - much different than when we bought our new-construction home over 10yrs ago! But we're loving the space, and we are all excited.

My buddy Scott is a moving machine, and he helped me immensely with boxes last weekend. The following day, the movers took all the furniture and heavy stuff, and the phone and cable guys did hookups at the same time (that's where the mayhem came in). Since then I've been taking a few carloads of remaining stuff to empty the old house. It's funny how emptying your home reminds you of all the experiences that occurred there - good and bad ones. It's like turning the final page in a good book: you'll miss it, but can't wait to get to start the next one in the series.

We're still without internet - that's the last thing to get hooked up. We're trying a new provider this time since the last one botched up the move last month. It should be hooked up today...and I think we all are excited for that. Even my daughter is - she's concerned that her Webkinz pets are either expiring or starving! :D

But starting today, the next few days are not about moving or cleaning or unpacking. They will finally be about the holiday season, and spending quality time with one another. Our lovely daughter has been missing that amidst the chaos of this week, and it's time we all ground ourselves as a family in the new home and make some new memories - what a great way to end 2010 and start 2011.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

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