Monday, 1 November 2010

Too much and not enough

Work and time, that is.

Nothing but work work work last week and weekend. We've had enough with putting in offers on houses that are almost immediately punted due to conditional sale clauses, so we put the house on the market. Now all the things I should have done a year or two ago needs to be done NOW. S**tty but it's all my fault. But all the possibility of change is rather exciting.

My nerves are getting a bit shot, though, as demonstrated by my s**tty example of parenting this morning. I've been a mental wreck ever since and want to do nothing but hold my daughter and wife and not let go.

Decided at the last minute I needed a mental break and went for a run along the Rideau Canal. No HRM, no times, no measures. Just me and my thoughts. Hopefully all the bad mojo is out there on the trail for the rest of the day.

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Marv said...

I've somewhat been where you are in my life and former career. And, always found a solace and healing getting in those runs; (like you) without the HRM or any other measurememt. I always came back better than when I left.