Saturday, 6 November 2010

A silver platter

That's how I had my butt handed to me at Thursday night's masters swim. It had been two weeks since I had done ANY swimming, and I knew I was going to pay for it. I've certainly lost strength and stamina, which I expected, and I held up rather well really. But it was a tough way to get back to the swims.

The warmup included 4x100m IM (what?!?) and I honestly tried the butterfly. I sucked at it, but I forced my way through it - you've gotta start somewhere, right? After that it was some easy/hard intervals of 100m and 50m that worked me over...especially with Anne in my lane who, even after being away from the swim for a couple years, whipped my ass beyond belief. It did feel good though, with my arms, shoulders, back and legs feeling warm and pumped. I did bugger up my right knee a bit though, and today it's kinda tough to get up and down stairs without walking a bit askew.

The two week hiatus has been worth it though, as we now have our house on the market to sell. It's looking fantastic, and I expect a lot of traffic (what homeowner doesn't, really). And if these last few days are any indications, we'll be kept busy. The house wasn't on the market for 24hrs and we had our first showing. Today we have 2, and tomorrow is an open house.

I have to admit that I am ready for the house to be sold already. I really don't like the morning and evening near-panic sessions to get the house showing-ready before we leave every single day. My garage has been taken over by things that were deemed "clutter" by the stager and I want that space back. Yeah, I don't take change well. I like routine. ;)

Yet for as much as I like routine, I haven't been good at holding a fitness routine. All the stress of work and home staging has taken its toll on me mentally and all I want to do is stare at the "boob toob" all night with some mindless show on (Family Guy fits the bill rather well).

Well, all I can say is that it will all be over soon, and our lives will return to what we currently know as "normal." We're still rather excited about the new changes that are coming, but we certainly worry about not selling our home fast enough, or selling it too fast. And it will be odd to leave our first home, the one we've known for 10yrs now. It's the first home we've owned, the home we brought our daughter home to, and the one that has shared many aspects of our lives - good and bad. This home was a vital part in the last few chapters in our lives, and now it's time to turn the page again.

Wish us luck.

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