Monday, 15 November 2010

Sick or destressing?

Boy did I feel like crap today. Yesterday too. It felt like a cold was coming on - a bit achy, really tired, and my eyes and ears bother me (the last two are my "tell-tale" signs). Yesterday I had some tipsy moments of dizziness. Today was just a lot of "bleh" feeling. But I forced myself out for a short run to try to "burn out the carbon."

In a combination of not wanting to run, and not wanting to be running for a long time, I ended up pushing it into tempo range. It was only a 3.7-ish km run, but I'm glad it wasn't any longer. I was happy for getting out and feeling good until near the end, where I suddenly felt completely sapped. But I got 'er done. My buddy Scott says that's the biggest part of any workout (that's what I kept swearing at telling myself).

There's certainly something there, so I need to pay attention to what my body tells me so I don't get mega-sick. I'm still aiming for 5-6 workouts this week, but they won't be too hard.

But now with just a wee bit over one month to go, we'd better get some packing started!

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JohnP said...

way to suck it up!