Tuesday, 16 November 2010

...or is it caffeine?

I'm noticing that my daily coffee intake is a bit higher lately. Usually it's no more than one a day, and only at the office. But I think lately it's getting to be two a day. Perhaps the weekend dragginess is due to a sudden drop in caffeine levels in my body.

Could it really be that?

Well, after today (I'm already on coffee #2 - what else is there to do during a fire drill?) I'm going to test that out. Starting tomorrow it's decaf only for at least one week. I'm going to see how differently I feel after that (and during whatever form of "detox" my body needs) and go from there.

I've also stopped using dailyburn.com again. While I find it very helpful and accurate with respect to foods/calories and tracking, quite frankly it's a pain in the ass to use. And none of the other calorie trackers I've looked at are any better. And I'm not about to spend $500 plus data plan to get an iPhone with a barcode scanner to make it any easier. So for now it's back to basics - hopefully with a smarter approach to eating overall.

I am certainly learning that it's easier to eat smart and prevent a few pounds than it is to work my ass off to remove them. I just need to remember that at the right times. :)

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JohnP said...

Amen to that - calorie counters are too cumbersome.
I keep it simple stupid. Calories IN must always be lower than Calories OUT. I just rough calculate the calories IN in my head - you get a feel for how many calories things are over time.
Weight loss for me was easy - just basic adding and subtracting. If your IN and OUT are close enough to equal that you doubt your calculations - then you're not working out enough or are eating too much.
It worked for me anyways.
A GPS/calorie counting device during exercise helps calculate calorie OUT. Eventually you can guesstimate in your head with expereince based on perceived exertion and duration.

I'm assuming that weight loss is your objective anyhow. I've consistently lost a pound a week for a year straight. I have to stop that now though lol.