Thursday, 25 November 2010

On the mend

It's been a week of no activity, and it's paying off. I am most certainly on the mend, and now believe it was a flu that I caught. I'm back at work, but still feel that training is a few days away as there's earaches and dizziness still hanging around. I'm just happy that no one else caught this in my family. (Touch wood!)

"Absence makes the heart grow fonder" has been at work, as I'm missing the activity now, and I'm feeling more motivated to get ready for faster and longer races in 2011. I'm flirting with iron distances races and a marathon (both of which I've yet to do) in 2011. But to do that, I need to face my weak mind and convince myself that I can and will do the early mornings and hard work required, and stop being scared of pushing too hard - I'm holding back too much with that concern in place.

In considering all this, I saw a post by Simon Whitfeld congratulating Jordon Rapp for his 4th place in IM Arizona. The name rang a bell for me, as being one of those most unfortunate athletes to get hit by a car while on a bike ride. He got banged up pretty bad, from what I read, and many weren't sure where that would leave him. But 8 months later, he takes 4th in an Ironman.

Not only is that extremely impressive and motivating, it makes me wonder just how much pain and discomfort he was able to work through. All the rehabilitation, plus all the training and maintenance during that - I can only imagine what that must have been like. Yet he drove on and did it.

I'm not sure what motivated him through that, but I'll keep him in mind when I need some motivation myself.

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JohnP said...

Commit to something big! IM Louisville is within driving distance and still has spots open! IMLP is full unfortunately.

My wife is doing Peterborough half-iron this year(first time) which is a great event.
Welland half-iron is popular too since it is flat as a pancake.

Commit to something!!! :)
Glad to hear you're feeling better.