Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Now you know I love Need For Speed games...

...but this guy's got me beat hands down. Monster is sponsoring a bunch of lucky guys for drift racing and X Games stuff, and they're good - damn good. They deserve every bloody cent they get from these guys. And while I love Need for Speed and can't wait to get my hands on Hot Pursuit, Ken Block and his buddies get to do this stuff in real life.

I make them sound lucky. And to them, they probably are. But to be honest, I'd crap myself if I was in the car with these guys.

Yeah, this has nothing at all to do with tris or training, but it's damned cool to see. Besides, it's the off-season! And who doesn't want to see the new Ford Fiesta with 650hp in it? (650?!?!?)

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JohnP said...

Omg that gave me wood.

Thanks lol