Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Matters of the heart

The last two or three days my odd heart rhythm has returned. It is not predictable or anything yet but the heart block is happening much more frequently. I do not like this at all.

I keep hoping that it is an indicator of above average fitness but I really doubt that. And I would much prefer a lower heartbeat to interrupted ventricle firings. At one point I thought it might be due to my inactivity since being sick so I went for a short and slow 20min run yesterday. The rhythm did show up a bit during the run but didn't seem to impact the run or my general experience. And the frequency of the block did not change after the run - I will take that as a good sign for now

So it is back to the doctor for me tomorrow. I just keep hoping that this is nothing, and that it won't progress or require any artificial devices to control - I have way to many things still on my to do list of life and family to be held back.

I may be too sensitive to this all too. All my life I have been prone to passing out under certain conditions. One time I was taken by ambulance to a hospital because during one of these "episodes" my HR was measured at 10bpm. The paramedic said I "may need to be paced" and that freaked me out. Big time. I was under 30yrs at the time and that statement still haunts me 10yrs later.

Let's hope it is nothing. Let's hope this is just a blip in the radar from something safe and benign. There is still so much to do.


JohnP said...

Hopefully nothing serious! I get a weird heart hick-up from time to time, usually most apparent under stress. Causes me to cough-like. Never got it checked though.

what does 'paced' mean? Like they were going to shock you with paddles? If someone told me that, I have no doubt that would get my heart pumping. Thats scary! lol.

Closet Artist said...

Just think if you do ever need a pace maker, when you are feeling sluggish I can just give you a boost with the car and some cables!!!!!!!! LOL
Love you!!!