Thursday, 11 November 2010

Just what I needed

I had my head in the right spot tonight. Maybe it's because the new home inspection went rather well (woot!), or that the inspection on my now-sold home went well, or both. But in any case, I was primed and ready for a good swim tonight.

And I did.

I think the warmup had a lot to do about it - 200m drill, 400m swim, 200m drill. Then it was 4x50 kick hard with fins, and 4x50 pull. The drill and pull helped me find my form and stroke efficiency and I found it fast. Still slower than I used to be, but I felt good, strong and smooth.

It was a good thing, 'cause the main set required it. 3 x 600m, changing strokes-per-breath on each 100m (3, 5, 7, repeat). I can do 3s no problem, and 5s aren't bad anymore either. 7 is awful tough and 9s are almost impossible. The first time I hit 7s tonight I was concerned, and did have a hard time, but did it. After that, I really found an efficient rhythm and nearly sailed through the rest. Being slower, I didn't get all 3 of the 600s done, but I did get 2.5 of them done. And I felt great even at the end.

I could tell that I had worked hard 'cause right at the end I got a foot cramp, and getting out of the water I could feel the heat coming off me. My shoulders and back felt massive (which they're not, but it felt good) having been activated steadily for the last hour. And to be honest, after covering roughly 2500m, I was up for much more still.

Tonight's swim was definitely what I needed, especially after the flailing I did on Tuesday - I'll just chalk that up to a bad day (you can't have the good without the bad). I think the difference was that tonight the intensity wasn't anywhere near what it was Tuesday, and I just got completely worn down. That wasn't the case tonight, and it seems to mirror my perceived efforts in the bike and run as well. Perhaps my anaerobic zones and overall strength is what needs more work - seems to make sense now. :)

But for right now, it's bed time. I was sleepy before the swim, and it's certainly settling in hard now! G'night all!


JohnP said...

Glad to see your energy come full circle!
Admitedly I like it after a long swim when you can feel all the muscles flexing from a great workout. I almost feel like I look like an athlete if I didn't know any better that is! :)

Kim said...

Good deal!