Wednesday, 10 November 2010

I am not there mentally tonight, and this is something I think I need to work on. My head feels completely spent tonight, and I have not one ounce of focus left. I had all great intentions to get on the bike tonight, but I'm just plain done. I was going to force myself on for a workout, but it would only be out of guilt - and while there's a time and place for that, it's not tonight. If I were half way through a training plan, I'd guilt myself right into it.

But tonight's another night, and it's not numbered as Day X of Week Y of Plan Z. And I'll treat it as such. Maybe I'll get my IM plan entered in the database. Maybe I'll put my indoor trainer tire on. Maybe I'll play on the Wii. Maybe I'll get to bed. For now, I'll just play it by ear.

Just realized that I have my new home inspection tomorrow. Perhaps I'm subconsciously weighed down by that. I guess I'll only know tomorrow.


JohnP said...

If you're just not that into it - the workout would have been futile anyhow.
Take the rest. Come back stronger when you're ready.

Lily on the Road said...

Sometimes NOT going out when you feel like that is the very best solution. Rest and Resting the mind are very, very important.

Hang in there & I hope the home inspection is going (has gone) well.