Wednesday, 10 November 2010


Last night's swim was tough! It was one of those ones that made you second guess your decision to sign up for this sport. And I showed up late so I missed some of the "warmup" too. Everyone was beat by this one.

On occasion I do like to have my ass kicked. But last night, what I didn't appreciate was the whining and complaining by the others in the swim group. Some were bitching about how kick without fins does nothing. Some complained about the sets and "who does she think we are?" crap about the coach. "I already ran 10k today - I'm using my fins!" All I can say is that I was happy to be in a lane where everyone actually gave a damn and did the workout to the best of their ability. As far as I am concerned, speak to the coach properly and voice your concern, change your weekly workout plan so you don't double-up, or just shut the hell up and do the work.

And now that all the water is out of me (I am sure I dropped the water level) I realize that there is a lot of work ahead of me. I have lost a lot of speed and endurance and my kick is weak like before (not that it was ever strong). It'll come, but I think I will try to help it out by returning to the push-up and sit-up work.

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JohnP said...

Sounds like a perfect workout to me!
We need those butt-kicking sessions to keep the ego's in line. To remind us that there is always another level.

I deliberately avoid the master's swim club that we have here - the coach talks to much as do the swimmers. I dont like stopping that often for tea. I am there for a workout, not to socialize.