Monday, 8 November 2010


Turn the clock back to Saturday. We just woke up and we remember that there are two house showings booked for our home today. My daughter and I take my wife to work and rush back home to prepare. Even my 6yo daughter is in the mix vacuuming the floors with me! We head out for a brunch snack and gymnastics by 10am, leaving 30min to spare.

After gymnastics I take my daughter to a friends house and I stay to chat with The Buds. My cell rings at 2:30 and with the open house on Sunday I am expecting a couple more "emergency" showings.

Instead it was an offer. And judging by the tone in my agent's voice it is one to be considered. The only catch is that they want to close by Christmas.


I quickly contact my wife and tell her the few details I know (I didn't know the price offered) and quickly try to move up a viewing of a house of interest from Monday to now+2hrs. We pick up my wife at the end of her workday and head over to see this house.

And it was a great house, but at the very high end of our budget. Designed by the builder of our current home it was open and bright with an easy flow. Lots of nice details and we were quite interested in it, but without knowing what the incoming offer was we didn't know if we could afford it.

We get home and our seller agent is waiting there. I knew this was going to turn Ito a busy night. A bit of chit chat and we are in business and the offer is presented.

Closing before Christmas, all appliances in, full asking price. FULL asking price, and only on the market for two days!!!

We were floored. We knew that we couldn't pass this up -the first offer is often the best - but that mid-December close was tough. After some thought we figured we could rent somewhere for a month or two of we needed to and took the offer. SOLD!!!

"what did you think of the house you just saw?" asks our agent. We gave our impressions, making sure that we were being rational now that we have no place to live! We did really like it and there wasn't much work needed on it. We believed that we could live there easily and really put some polish on it to make it our own. "They need to close by mid-December," tells our agent. He does some research on the home and similar ones in the district, and calls our buying agent to get some papers ready.

The selling agent leaves and the buying agent arrives. We put or first offer in and it is pitifully countered. I am told they have a verbal agreement for full purchase price. I am thinking that doesn't mean crap and move our next offer slightly as well. It is countered again but only slightly better, and I am reminded of their verbal agreement. I had enough by that time, and told my agent to submit the same offer with no change (I actually thought of dropping it down!) and said "if they want to risk a sure thing for a verbal agreement, then I will take the chance of finding a different home for December. I am not offering more."

They took it. We are new home owners!

So within 3hrs we bought and sold more dollars of property than I will ever see in my life! Ok perhaps not but it was a damned crazy feeling. Real estate is nuts and I don't really look forward to doing that anytime soon!

We are now just going through the inspection and financing conditions on both sides so it's not completely final yet, but we are expecting no issues along the way. Now we can't wait to get in and make that new home our own!

The rest of the weekend was spent with good friends, making up for some lost time due to the home stuff. We spent a heap of the day at Cosmic Adventures to let the wee critters blow some steam, then had good friends over for supper and a bit more playtime. Then it was early to bed for us all!

Riding in to work right now I can feel the stress easing away, and the belly hanging out easier. Life feels like it is going back to normal but this time with a new adventure waiting just around the corner!


JohnP said...

Wow! Great post - glad to hear it worked out well for you!
I'm guessing there will be plenty of 'strength training' involved with the moving of furniture etc? :)

Good luck with the move! Hope you get setttled down in time to relax for the holidays!

Closet Artist said...

Oh and you are not going to put it out there to the world that you are going to have a designated work out room? Is that so you can slack off and not use it?? lol

Kim said...

Oh wow! That is craziness! Congrats on getting your house sold AND buying a new one! And a designated work out room, now that is sweet!!