Wednesday, 6 October 2010


I can feel the momentum building now. Nailed up 8k and 5k runs in the last two days, and I'm feeling the gains. Need to do more stretching and consider a foam roller (lots of back tightness in the mornings) to loosen up, but the times/pace seem to be working so far. HRs are lower than I remember, and my focus on form can only lead to good things.

When I got home yesterday, my wife had a nice surprise waiting for me. A call came in stating that there was an opening in my master class, and I was #1 on the waiting list (big thanks to Alison, who put me on the list - I didn't even know! - during my "in limbo" time with Google). How sweet is that!!! I almost immediately started to get my gear ready in almost child-like anticipation. (More big kudos for my lovely wife who never, ever falters in supporting me and my dreams - I love you babe!)

It was nearly a packed house in the pool, with a solid showing by the members. Ran in to Dave, who I used to work with years ago, who's looking strong after completing a couple of recent Ironmans. Really good to see him again - we used to pass each other all the time running the trails near my old workplace. I did, however, find out that our awesome-but-hyper-busy coach Sarah is done as of this week. She's been a great coach who is not only a student at Ottawa U, but she's also a returning member of their swim team too. Unfortunately, there's no replacement yet, but Sarah will continue to make the sets and ask a lifeguard to put up the workout on the board for us until a replacement is found.

The workout was a big one, especially considering I hadn't swam for weeks. 600m warmup, followed by 9x100m kick, then 800m pull. I made it that far, and got half way through the 5x100m choice swim. 2550m - not bad at all. Makes me wonder what's up for Thursday!

It's all good stuff. Especially if "plans" (aka what Scott and I are thinking) role out. So far those plans include:

  • The half iron tri at Carleton Place (the one I had to miss this year)
  • The Ottawa Marathon in May 2011
  • Volunteer at IMUSA in Lake Placid in July 2011.
  • Sign up for IMUSA in Lake Placid in July 2012.
  • The iron tri in Ottawa in September 2011.
Wow. That's a HUGE year. Well for me it is. It's not in stone, but it's some goals, and the swims and runs lately are the first steps on the path to reaching those goals. Looks like this could be a fun winter of training...especially with my wife beside me on her new trainer in the basement! (hint!) :D

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chris mcpeake said...

great plan for next year. Good luck with the training