Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Psst! Hey you!

Wanna buy a house?

That's right - we took the plunge and put the house on the market! After missing out on three homes because of conditional sale clauses we decided to take the next step and hopefully improve our odds.

I am somewhat uncomfortable with all this because there is a chance that our house could sell before we find another that we like. I am also not looking forward to dealing with the sales side - for some reason I feel like this will be quite obtrusive and troublesome. Hopefully I am very wrong. But my thought is to minimize this and sell the house fast! :)

Workouts will be taking a bit of a back-burner stance until this is all nailed down. No big deal. What I do hope is that I can squeeze in runs at lunch during the week, even short ones, just as maintenance.

But I did get proof that I am still a triathlete. In preparation for showing our home my wife said that the bikes in the basement on the trainer need to move to the garage. I trembled with fear! :)

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Trevor Oseen said...

Sorry I missed you earlier this week as things got hectic and people (DND) had me booked.

Good luck on the house. I remember when we took the plunge on Jan 21st of this year and signed the docs to build our house in 9 months. That was a leap of faith and lo and behold I am sitting in my bonus room for the first time as we moved in yesterday. The house sold but we took a bath, however, we did save on the new one too because of the repressed market.

Talk to you soon,