Tuesday, 12 October 2010

A pattern emerges!

Good during the week, less good (not bad!) on the weekends! ☺
Again, I must clearly state that I'm not disappointed with last week's efforts. I'm happy with what I am getting done, and how I'm feeling (except for this back bit, the overall tightness – time for The Stick to be purchased, I think). Swimming kicked my ass this week, but it was awesome – I felt it for days, and still feel the strength benefit today. The running is coming along well too, and I'm really trying to focus properly on form and pace, reminding myself continually that this is all still base training.

My "poor" bike is still sitting on the trainer and hasn't been used for a while. That is one thing I'll need to change, as well as the currently-non-existent weekend long run. I just need to get motivated more and that's always been a tough one for me.

One method I'm trying for motivation is to get a training plan done. I have used this book for a number of years now, and while it's good, I get tired of looking up the codes all the time. Two years ago I typed in my half-iron plan, and I do not want to do that this year, especially since I'm going to make 2 plans – one for the half-iron, and one for the iron distance. I was going to install Oracle on my Mac, but I'm not running OS X Leopard yet so I'm not at 64 bit. I thought of using MySQL, but then just decided to use OpenOffice Base (well, it's NeoOffice on the Mac). It's relational and handles SQL, and it's "less heavy" than RDBS servers like Oracle and MySQL. A few simple tables, a couple of relationships, and a single query now gives me my training plan! Unfortunately, I still have to add in a number of the workout codes and descriptions, but once they're in, spitting out a plan will be one simple command.

And speaking of iron tris, I was fortunate to catch the last few miles of the Ironman World Championships last weekend. What a finish! I must admit that I did NOT expect Macca to win! The finish was great, and I felt a bit for Raelert who closed in on Macca and ran shoulder-to-shoulder with him up to the last mile or two. He was so wobbly as he crossed the line – he left it all out there! I did miss seeing Chrissie Wellington – I was looking to see her break another record and "chick" a few more of the pro men – but she was out with illness. Smart choice, but tough luck. Can't wait for the NBC recap of this race!

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