Sunday, 24 October 2010

"No house" grumpiness

Run: 10k @ 57min

Well, it turns out we didn't get the house we put the offer on. Another offer came in, we were put against each other, and we did what we could. In the end, the other offer dropped a conditional sale option, and they got it over us. Since then, we've all been kinda grumpy.

There are some silver linings here though - I just have to keep remembering them. First, we did pretty darn good for our first shot at this. We've never done this before, as our current home was a new build. Second, we stuck to our guns and didn't cross our upper limit. Actually, our last offer was over our limit but I added in all appliances, so the amount saved in appliances would have been more than the amount we went over by. Third, we know exactly where we stand now so we're ready to pounce should something else of interest show up.

But the whole house is still bothered by the fact that we were so close to moving even closer to good friends and families, and moving into a larger home. My buddy is in the real estate industry, and I've already told him it sucks. ;)

Yesterday was the first full day of us returning back to normal after the offer on the house was rejected. And it was a busy one. My daughter had gymnastics and I quickly thought I could squeeze in a run while she was there. I didn't want to - I wanted to continue to sulk - but I threw that away rather quickly and gathered my things. After she was with her group, I headed out not really knowing where I'd go. I ended up going into the greenspace trails nearby, running around Bruce Pit (pictured). I was surprised just how nice it was there. I was pleasantly sore after this run knowing (a) I haven't worked like this in a while and (b) I've lost a lot of what I had!

It was still a fun run though. And even though I've got a long way to go to get where I was, at least I know how to get there again. I'll just need to stick to it.

Until then, I'm going to have some fun with my family and look at more houses!

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