Monday, 25 October 2010

Motivated through it all

Well we didn't get the first house we put an offer in on. That certainly hasn't stopped us! We are still on the hunt!

But I must admit that this house shopping is a heck of a lot of work. My head gets confused and tired crunching all these numbers and options! But I am slowly seeing how it gets easier the more you go through it. That opinion may change once we put our house on the market.

How does all this relate to triathlon? It doesn't! :)

But I am still focused on improving myself in preparation for next year. An iron may not be possible (or it may) but I think I could still get a few races in. I want another shot at a half-iron or two and I still keep Ben in mind for next season's rides (someone needs to teach that guy a lesson)! The runs are falling off a bit but there's still plenty of time. And I am still using to help mind my calorie choices.

I am feeling good after Saturday's run and that is a motivator too. While I was a bit slower it wasn't a hard effort and things went rather well. The runs during my daughter's gymnastics might be a good habit to fall into.

Tonight's goal is to hit the bike. Not sure what I will do but a bit of intensity is probably in order. Hopefully my wife will join me - it is very nice to have some company!

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