Friday, 15 October 2010

More blisters

It turns out that my swim fins are too big...well that is my guess, at least. Whatever blisters were healing from Tuesday's kick session are open again and joined by some new friends. Not entirely sure what I will do but trying something like Body Glide is one option. I just bought these fins and I don't want to have to buy more just yet.

It's not that we did heaps of kick last night either, but what really aggravated my toes was the type of kick we did. The warmup included 200m kick and my blisters were doing okay then. But the first part of the main set was 6x50 butterfly with fins. That is what hurt the feet. It was all 1-arm and I was really trying to nail the stroke with the added fins but the force on the fins felt huge (and ill-timed) and my feet moved around quite a bit. Thank god for Polysporin!

Last night's swim was difficult overall for me. It was all IM stuff with tonnes of drills. 6x50m fly with fins. 4x100m backstroke 1-arm/other-arm/both/swim. 10x50 breaststroke drill/swim. 4x100m free drill/swim. Not at all what I expected and I am definitely feeling it today. My legs are feeling rather shot, my back is tight and achy, and my shoulders feel heavier than normal. But it's all good. This will definitely help me get stronger all over.

Damned toes still hurt though! Going to have to nurse them back to health!

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