Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Need to come clean

Well, not in a bad sense. But I did find in the past that posting my workouts and such in this blog helped me actually get the training done. I think I'll have to pick that up again.

Another thing I need to do is pick a race/goal and track towards it. Not sure what's left anymore this year, but I'll have to look around for a Sunday race soon. Perhaps the Rattle Me Bones 10k near Halloween. It wouldn't be a PR run, but maybe it could....

It's not that I haven't been training. In fact, I have been this week. I'm trying to make it more routine than not (yeah, it's been that long), and trying to watch what I eat a bit better. The motivation is waning now that the days are shorter and the mornings are dark, but I have to admit that I get horribly envious of folks like Training Payne who seems to let nothing get in the way of training...and how that has led to him getting a ticket to "The Big Show" in Kona.

I keep thinking of doing an Ironman, or any other iron-distance race. But with these current approaches of mine, it ain't gonna happen. So it's time to come up with goals and stages for now through to spring, and take some steps that'll get me closer to that goal.

I think I'll aim for Rattle Me Bones on October 24. I'll give the Runners World iPhone App a try for a running plan, and I'll try following my diet a bit with the DailyBurn site/app too. And I'll come clean through these days and make myself accountable.

Let's start this journey!

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Kim said...

Really you have had a rather tumultulous six months. Congrats on the job offering, although it didn't end up in the positive.I thought it was cool that they sought you out!!!

Good luck getting back into the groove again.
I apologize for not posting more, but I am still following/lurking/stalking you!